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About MyGMTV

MyGMTV is the first online platform delivering Gospel Music Broadcast Network programming on ROKU, Youtube, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, and Video Gaming Systems like the Sony Playstation network, Video On-Demand, Streaming Video and select Broadcast Partners for a potential viewership of over 30 million households.

MyGMTV is:

• A Professional Streaming Network producing Gospel Music Programming and Content.
• An International Network featuring both Public (Ad Supported) and Private (Subscription Based) Gospel Music shows and content.
• An International platform featuring Live Streaming Concerts and Events as well as on-demand  programs and music video content.
• A Video & Streaming Platform available to viewers via mobile devices (phones and tablets), ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Video Gaming Systems like the Sony Playstation Network.

MyGMTV will stream gospel music content from our production studio(s) in the Great Smoky Mountains near Knoxville, Tennessee. .

MyGMTV also provides the Christian Community an opportunity to produce their own streaming and on-demand content at affordable rates. MyGMTV offers businesses a chance to use our digital content distribution platform as a means for advertising their products and services. MyGMTV offers paid “air-buy” or revenue sharing opportunities to program producers for their content on our worldwide digital distribution platform. MyGMTV provides valuable statistics, detailed analytics and documentation on exact numbers of viewers, clicks and other targeted demographics. Not only does MyGMTV feature the most current technology, but also live Internet streaming of the shows produced on-site and on-location using state of the art equipment and the most professional, experienced crews in the industry.

The MyGMTV's Business Model supports 2 channels initially. These Channels are as follows:

1. MyGMTV FREE: This is a linear channel (scheduled like broadcast TV) that is ad supported (revenues generated from ad sales). The channel lineup will feature 30 minute and 60 minute shows with commercials and music video clips inserted between shows. This channel will feature a permanent text crawl across the bottom screen encouraging viewers to subscribe to our “MyGMTV PRIME” subscription channel.

2. MyGMTV PRIME: This channel uses a subscription model and is ad free (no commercials). It features linear programming like a standard broadcast TV channel. MyGMTV PRIME features a wide variety of Professionally Produced Music Videos and Concert videos.  MyGMTV PRIME is subscription based and priced at $4.99 per month. This model is more like a Netflix or HuluPLUS model. This channel will also feature content not necessarily available on the MyGMTV FREE channel.